Setting “SMART” healthy eating goals is a great way to help you feel and look your best. “SMART” stands for goals that are: specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-framed. Setting “SMART” goals can also help you achieve bigger goals you may want to set for yourself over time.

Use these 10 “SMART” goals below to get your inspired.

1. Do you skip breakfast? Try this goal:
Every day this week, I will eat breakfast that has all 4 food groups (e.g. a whole grain bagel, peanut butter and banana slices with a glass of milk).

2. Are you trying to eat more fibre? Try this goal:
Eat brown rice or whole wheat pasta instead of white rice or white pasta at least once this week.

3. Are you trying to eat more vegetables? Try this goal:
Eat a dark green vegetable every day this week (e.g. spinach, broccoli, Romaine lettuce, bok choy, swiss chard, peas).

4. Are you trying to cook and eat at home more? Try this goal:
Make one new healthy recipe for dinner this week.

5. Interested in cooking a “meatless meal” with beans more often? Try this goal:
This weekend I will find and try a new recipe using beans (e.g. kidney beans, navy beans, soy beans).

6. Trying to eat out less often? Try this goal:
I will pack my lunch from home 3 days this week rather than eating out.

7. Want to get more active? Try this goal:
Go for a walk with a friend for 15 minutes 2 times this week.

8. Trying to manage your weight? Try this goal:
Avoid second helpings during meals and snacks every day this week.

9. Want to make healthier meals at home? Try this goal:
Use less fat when cooking (e.g. bake, broil, steam and stir-fry) this week.

10. Want to make healthier drink choices? Try this goal:
Use skim, 1% or 2% milk instead of cream in my coffee this week.

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