What is PREP (Premarital Relationship Enhancement Program?

Marriage is a milestone that needs to be handled with utmost care and sensitivity and could be anxiety-provoking. At Le'Nest, we recognize this. Through pre-marital counseling, we work with couples in individual and joint sessions in order to explore their expectations of themselves and of each other and also on any existing conflict.

The Premarital Relationship Enhancement Program ( PREP ) is a communication training for couples, which should prevent early conflicts in a relationship. It is one of the best-known , best-studied programs. The program aims to teach pairs of techniques for conflict prevention, communication and problem solving.Originally developed for young couples who want to marry , the application has now been extended to longer-term relationships, which are not in any conflict situation. The program is not recommended for acute crises.

Benefits of Relationship Enhancement Program

At Le'Nest, we consider couples relationship enhancement to be like a multivitamin. We don’t take our multivitamins when we get sick, we take them everyday to prevent illness, and to stay healthy. Same goes for marriage therapy. There’s no rule saying you have to wait for a rough patch to book an appointment. Ongoing couples counselling provides you with an outside perspective on your relationship. As a result, you will keep your relationship healthy, while building on the skills you will need to address obstacles as they present themselves.

Over the course of your relationship, there are going to be ups and downs. Some of them will be as a result of your relationship, and others will have a direct effect on your relationship. The death of a family member, workplace stress, the responsibility of raising children and growing your family, and financial struggles can all take a toll on your relationship. Learning how to experience everything life throws at you, as a team, is just one benefit of Relationship Enhancement Program.

PREP @ Le'Nest

PreMarital Relationship Enhancement Programis conducted by Dr. Mukesh Gupta at Le'Nest, Malad, Mumbai. This program is Exclusively designed & programmed for couples who are or about to get into any kind of relationship. It focuses on multiple aspects of relationship including the personalities of the individuals, their thought process, perception of things, compatibility etc.

To summarize it is Special course for newly-weds & those about to get- together & A Life Skill Training in a structured way.

PREP @ Le'Nest has 4 Components which are as follows

First Step - Questionnaire

Step 2

Reproductive Health

· Reproductive Health Education

· Contraception & Family Planning

· Intimacy & Sex Education

· Health Check up / Screening Tests

· Adult Immunisation

Step 3

Soft Skills

· Personality assessment

· Interpersonal relationship skills

· Communication between partners

· Conflict resolution

· Anger Management

· Managing Finances

Last Step - Personal Queries Solving Session

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