Discuss preconception planning , infertility

Talk to your doctor about getting pregnant. Maybe you’re just thinking about getting pregnant, trying for a year or possibly have infertility symptoms.

Talk to your gynaecologist before you conceive, it is an important step in having a healthy pregnancy.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before, during & after your appointment.

1. Request For Fertility Consultation
When you are making a call for your appointment, tell the receptionist that you want to talk about fertility or family planning. As your doctor or healthcare provider time slots might not be long enough to give you proper time for productive conversation

2. Bring Your Partner
It will be helpful for you & your partner to meet your doctor together to discuss conception planning. Doctor might want to know more about you & your partner’s health. If your partner might have any questions, he could also ask.
Family Planning affects individuals as well as couples together.

3. Stopping Birth Control
Talk to your doctor about stopping birth control, if you are taking any. Discuss with your doctor how you can stop it & how much time you need to wait before trying to get pregnant.

4. Ask About Lifestyle Changes
It’s a good idea to ask your doctor / Gynaecologist if you need any lifestyle changes . Such as :
Are you at healthy weight for pregnancy ?
How much alcohol can you consume while trying to conceive ?
How much consumption of coffee is permitted ?
Recommended amount of nutrient need

5. List of Meds
Some medication might be needed to stop before you start trying. As some medications are not considered safe during pregnancy. Consult your doctor he/she might switch your medication. Make sure you tell your doctor/ gynaecologist about any health conditions you have.

6. Speak Up/ List of Questions
Some symptoms can be embarrassing but it’s important for your doctor to know about it such as vaginal discharge, erectile dysfunction. It’s important to tell your doctor/gynaecologist about any symptoms whether it is related to general health or fertility.
List Your Concerns, symptoms & questions before your appointment which makes you less likely to forget what you wanted to ask .

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