What is BabyMoon?

A babymoon is a relaxing vacation taken by couples who are expecting a child.

Babymoons are often taken in luxurious locations, as the babymoon is seen as the last vacation that the couple will have alone until their child leaves home when they reach legal age. Babymoon travel is typically taken during the second trimester of pregnancy, when pre-natal complications and pre-term birth risk is at its lowest.

Babymoon has become a new trend for couples now. It is the last getaway without the baby. First, calculate the conception date, then the due date, and now it’s time for a babymoon. From the word itself, babymoon sounds like a relaxing honeymoon with your partner. Just imagine being away from the hustles and bustles of life and just enjoying beautiful scenery with your love. Sounds wonderful, right?

BabyMoon with Le'Nest

Every  year Le'Nest host a Babymoon exclusively for its patients & would - be -parents. It is just not a vacation with only outings & sight seeing but along with all the FUN a lot of educational workshops are conducted on very relevant topics like Relationship Enhancement, Bond Building, Baby Care Tips & Tricks, Sharing Core Responsibilities, New Born Care, Making Baby Safe Homes Etc.

With appropriate measures & safety taken a 3 Star or 5 Star is reserved for the couples, with food that is absolutely safe for Pregnant Mommies & lots of games that are entertaining & thrilling. Multiple Guest Speakers - the ones best in their respective industries are invited to share & impart knowledge related to pregnancy, psychological bonding, baby care, exercises & health.

So get ready for some real good experience with our BabyMoon Packages. To know more sign up the inquiry form below.

Before you decide if you want to have a babymoon or not, here are a few things to consider when having a babymoon.

The location

The place to have the babymoon is important since you are pregnant. If the place requires too many stairs or walking, try saving that for another getaway after you have your baby. Additionally, you have to also make sure that the place has an access to medical facilities just in case something happens while you are there.

The price

Pregnancy and delivery can be costly so couples often really save up for that. And to add a babymoon to the picture means additional expenses to pay. Make sure that if you do decide to go on a babymoon, it is in your budget. Don’t be in debt just for a getaway. There are many affordable places to go now.

The needed vaccines

Planning to travel overseas? Make sure to check with your doctor about any necessary vaccines you need to have before flying. Most vaccines are considered safe to have during pregnancy. Ask your doctor which vaccines are needed in the place you will visit.

The Best Timing

If you are among the many pregnant women who feel ill during the first trimester – that is not the best time to go on a babymoon. On the other hand, the third trimester might also be too tiring for you. The second trimester is the most convenient time go on a babymoon. At this time, the vomiting you have from the first trimester is most probably gone and you are not as uneasy as you will be in the following weeks. The best time to travel is anywhere from 18-24 weeks.

The Airline’s rules

If you plan to travel by plane, it’s important to note that most airlines require your doctor’s note giving you a green light on traveling especially if you are in your last trimester. However, even with a doctor’s approval, an airline may refuse a passenger if they think there’s a possible risk.

The pregnancy

If you are not sure if it’s ok to travel while pregnant, make sure to ask your doctor about your plans first. He or she should be able to provide you with any precautions while on a babymoon if there be any.

Many couples take babymoon as their last date and bonding together before they welcome their little one. Many have found a great time together during their babymoon. If this is something that you think you and your partner would love, go on and start planning your babymoon.

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