Your child’s safety is your responsibility. The following series aims at providing tips to help you keep your baby out of harm from various situations & harms.

Other Baby Safety Precautions

  • Consider taking a certified CPR class if you are not already certified. You can find out about these classes. You may want to post a demonstration chart near your phone. Your baby’s caregivers should be CPR-certified.
  • Gather a list of emergency numbers and keep them by the phone. These numbers should include: your child’s pediatrician, your health care provider, your family doctor, a 24-hour nurse-on-call number, the police department, the fire department.
  • Keep poisonous house plants out of reach.
  • Beware of any device that claims to help prevent SIDS. Home monitors, wedges and positioners remain unproven.
  • Name a guardian for your child. In the unfortunate event that something happens to you or your spouse, it’s a good idea to have a will that names a legal guardian and alternate guardian for your child. Without a will, the court may appoint a guardian you would not have chosen. Be sure to check with the individuals named in your will to make sure they are willing to serve as your child’s guardian. In your will, you can also leave assets to your child in the form of a testamentary, or “after death” trust.

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