baby care during monsoon

While rains bring relief to our body and mind after a hot summer, mothers start worrying about their baby’s health. This moist and humid weather is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other germs which may lead to diseases like malaria, dengue and also microbial infections. Here are a few tips mothers can follow to protect their baby in this weather.

Keep your baby clean

This is the most important step. Generally, babies sweat a lot due to the humid weather in monsoons. You should wipe their body at regular intervals to keep them dry. Bathe them every day with a mild antiseptic soap or liquid so that the germs don’t cause infection.

Proper clothing

During monsoons, it is at times very hot when the sun is out and cool and pleasant when it rains. When it’s hot, your baby’s clothes should be loose, cotton material and when it’s raining, you should wrap your baby in warm clothes to make him/her comfortable.

Healthy food and water

Monsoon gives rise to several water-borne diseases like diarrhea since water gets polluted in this season. So, always give your baby boiled and cooled water. If your baby consumes formula milk and supplements, prepare it with boiled water. Do not keep any food uncovered. Keep breastfeeding your baby as this will boost their immune system.

Keep your surroundings clean

If you have a garden or plants around your house, trim the plants before the rain starts and avoid water logging as stored water not only allows mosquitoes to breed but also leads to several bacterial and fungal growths which may lead to several diseases.

Keep your baby away from insects and mosquitoes

Despite all efforts you take to keep the mosquitoes away, they may still enter the room and bite your baby. So, some preventive measures need to be taken. Always make your baby wear light cotton clothes with sleeves especially during evening and use a mosquito repellent in your baby’s room. You can also apply a mosquito repellent cream on their body but always seek advice from the pediatrician before application. Use mosquito nets on their bed when the baby sleeps or stick a wire mesh on windows and doors.

Protect your baby from cold and flu

Avoid taking your baby out for long during this season as their immunity isn’t strong and they are more prone to cold and flu.

Seek doctor’s advice on vaccination

There are some flu vaccines available in the market which may be given before the monsoon starts but always take your doctor’s advice before you get your baby vaccinated.

Store certain medicines

Always keep common cold and flu medicines handy which can be given to your baby in case the doctor is unavailable that time. But do consult your doctor beforehand about the dosage.

Do a pre-monsoon check

Before the rain starts, always do a pre-monsoon check in your house especially in your baby’s room. There should not be any dampness or water leakage in that room. The electrical wiring should be proper and the house should be neat and clean.

Follow these steps and let your baby enjoy the bliss of monsoon.


Source : Healthsite

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