What is Antenatal Class?

The joy of pregnancy will be immense for every expectant mother but it can be little scary, if this is your first pregnancy. These mixed emotions are quite common in pregnant women and can be handled by understanding pregnancy, labour and childbirth. Ante natal class - a latest trend catching up in India which helps the pregnant women to prepare for pregnancy, labour and parenthood.

Antenatal classes can help you and your partner to prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood. Some antenatal classes will focus mostly on labour and birth, while others will guide you through late pregnancy, and on what life with a newborn baby may be like.

Benefits of Antenatal Classes

  • It is useful for women who are pregnant for the first time as these classes help to understand the processes and options involved in labour, child birth etc.
  • Pregnant women can maintain their ideal weight and stay healthy through diet planning and tips to tackle pregnancy symptoms.
  • Helps to prepare your body and mind for child birth through yoga, prenatal workout sessions etc.
  • These classes explain the role of fathers in pregnancy, birth and parenting which will help the couple to bond better.
  • Pregnant women can confidently face labour and childbirth.

Antenatal Class @ Le'Nest

The Antenatal Class held at Le'Nest is conducted by Dr. Mukesh Gupta, Dr. Pallavi Gupta & team. It is one of its kind, Structured, Interactive workshops with Edutainment. Its is a free of cost class for all , so enroll & unravel the various facts & myths of pregnancy along with understanding the warning signs & symptoms/ when you need urgent medical help. To register for Free Antenatal Class fill in the form below.

These classes are conducted every alternate Saturday between 10am - 12 noon at Le'Nest, Malad, Mumbai. The topics covered are as follows


Common Ailments in Pregnancy - What? When? Why?

The Birthing process, Birth plan, what to expect in labour

Role of Partners in pregnancy & thereafter, Hypnobirthing

Nutrition Do's & Donts in pregnancy, myths & facts

Exercise in pregnancy , Yoga, Exclusive pregnancy poses, Aqua Zumba precaution & recommendations

Garbh Sanskar - Perspective of Astrology, Mythology & Modern Science - Enhancing Parenting Experience

Care of the newborn - Breast Feeding FAQ's - Creating Baby Safe Homes, Immunisation & Malish

Complications in Pregnancy & Labour - Warning Signs / Symptoms. -Overcoming your features & anxities

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