Le'Nest very proudly announces 3 New Additions to its services to make sure your Experience @Le'Nest is the most memorable one and that you begin this new phase of your life - Parenthood with a lot of Positive and Happy feelings.

Presenting the 3 Days 3 Experiences @Le'Nest. While your stay at Le'Nest post your delivery enjoy these facilities.

. A Spa Session - A shoulder or back massage or head massage to make you feel rejuvenating and relaxed. We offcourse know, the past 9 months have been a roller coaster ride for you. with lots of instructions, do's & dont's, alot of pressure to protect yourself & your baby, alot of nauseatic, morning sickness & those irritable moods because of your hormonal changes. It all has ended now, with your delivery & a beautiful angel in your hands. To overcome all the tiredness & to feel fresh & rejuvenating we at Le'Nest organize a special SPA session for you. So girls just sit back & unwind..!!

Baby Photoshoot - Exclusive images of your new born with various beautiful props and accessories. This is something that will make you smile always when you look back in time. Clicked by our very own Dr. Pallavi .M.Gupta, these pictures are definetly beautiful portraits of your little ones to help you substantiate your memories with photographs. Capturing a photograph is not only for you, but also for the generations to follow. They are the only tangible link connecting the past generation with this next generation. So let’s take a step towards preserving your legacy and ensuring that every minute detail is captured, cause for every photograph captured, there is one less moment forgotten!

. A CANDLE-LIGHT Experience - A candle light dinner is the ultimate way to romance your partner. Whether it’s for celebrating a wedding anniversary or springing a surprise proposal on your girlfriend. Here at Le'Nest we are out to give you these special moments to celebrate the birth of your child & also to spend few hours only with your partner to bond, to plan & to cherish the romance before you get into the Mommy - Daddy roles.

An exclusive Candle - light date with your partner in a perfectly decorated ambiance and soft music. Some very special moments to spend in there..!!!

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